Keeping the Streak Alive


I’ve not had a good run on the blogging for quite a while now, so I feel compelled to keep it up (I knocked on my desk as well; I think at least *part* of it is wood).

Had an unexpected and unfortunately short visit with Katie Mac and The Schrubbinator yesterday after work. I was turning on to Main Street when they were sauntering around the front of my building. Katie liked the apartment and I let them drink lemonade. I realized once again how desperately I need some furniture, as I had Dave sitting in the desk chair, Katie on the US Army folder, and me on my two-boxes-of-books chair. A couch would be awesome. And yes, I know I could’ve had my old bed/couch from Grandma’s house, but it just didn’t seem to fit in this place. I’ll come up with a viable solution to that problem soon enough.

Just a couple days left until Dev’s bachelor party, which will serve as the ultimate example to date of my social planning mettle. I was trying to think of the last time I coordinated a large group of people and met with success. I guess that first year that Miller Park was open and the Bocks all went to a game together would count. That went pretty well. The only concern that remains with this weekend’s event is lodging. I was only able to get the one room at the hotel, and if there are 7 or 8 people trying to sleep there, it could get dicey. When I reserved the room, I only knew about 5 people staying over, so…

Last night Siebers and I went out for dinner and then saw ‘I, Robot’ for a buck. The 2-for-1 happy hour beers at Friar Tuck’s were nice. Bryan is “just getting into beer,” so I was forced to drink both of mine and one of his. It was a good warm up for the movie. And speaking of the movie, oh… what can I say? It was somewhat entertaining, although not very ‘smart.’ I probably could’ve written this screenplay. And this is not to say that a movie has to be mind-blowingly complex or really intelligent in order to get a good review from me (see my reviews for the likes of American Pie, Old School, Starsky & Hutch), I just felt like this genre and Isaac Asimov’s concepts deserved better treatment than your meat-and-potatoes, lowest-common-denominator action flick. As those movies go, this one was decent. Probably worth a view on the big screen (cuz it is BIG), but you could certainly feel OK about waiting for budget time. God knows I did. I give it 2.5 out of 5.

I got home from the movie around 9:45 and got ready for bed immediately. I read HWOSG until about 25 after 10 and then fell asleep. I woke up first at around 5:35, I think it was, then I snoozed until the alarm went off at 6, snoozed again til 6:30, and finally got up at 6:50. Maybe it’s just a question of will power. I could use some of that. At least I made it to work on time this morning, thanks to a Carlin-style shower and complete not-careitude w/ regard to wardrobe. I needed clothes for the summer this year and I never could afford to really get any. Maybe I should swing through Goodwill later on just to see if there are any gems. You never know.

I haven’t gotten out my list yet today. I don’t know what I should be doing for sure. I don’t recall having written down anything pressing, though. Some of the things on the list are required purchases, etc, and that makes it tough when you’re short on cash but really want to feel like things are getting accomplished. I should probably be reading and writing with all that down time, but it seems like I end up here or someplace else in cyberspace pretty often.

When I first bought my PDA in MT, I remember shopping for some little accessories and whatnot at Staples. I couldn’t fathom why (provided you don’t abuse it, store it in the conveniently located little slot when not in use, and always only use it the way it’s intended) a person should ever need a replacement stylus. Then today, I was playing with it and broke it, so I’ll have to get another one. I don’t think you can buy them just one at a time, though, so there ya go: boned again.

I gave up the dream (for the foreseeable future) of buying a new phone. The phone I was all ramped up about in the spring turns out is only offered by US Cellular, so I’ll have to contend with having The Phone Everyone Has. I’m learning to deal.

Mom’s coming to see my apartment and hopefully drop off a bit of furniture on Friday while she’s en route to Milwaukee. I’m going to head down after that as well, since I have to pick up the van for the party on Saturday pretty early in the morning.

I can see Jim’s homepage just fine with Firefox here at work, but for some reason, on my laptop it’s a no-go. And I have exactly the same version of the browser on both. I should check plugins. I should check to see if I can see it on my desktop. That would be weird, I suppose.

I lament the thought of getting into the car at lunch today. I guess the humidity’s down to under 50%, though, so that’s something. I wonder if I should go to Staples and look at those plastic file drawers again. Filing is one of the principle tasks I could be completing at home tonight. It sure would be nice to get that crap out of the way.

Are you bored yet?

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