Highlight of the Week


Not so much Friday, being the highlight, but I was telling Kevin earlier how I wondered during my work day if I could jam a highlighter far enough into my ear to make the ideas on my outer brain stand out. It was that sort of day.

I was extraordinarily proud of myself last night for resisting the temptation of going to B&N with Katie Mac and BryGuy?; instead I stuck around the house and filed. The good news is that I got it all done.

I was proud of myself today for writing Ben a 2300-word email with just one sentence. I guess I am really an English geekboy. And let me tell you, that’s a serious sort of geekitude, to get excited about sentences and grammar and shit.

I didn’t have much going on at work today, so I went through my file drawer at work and threw some stuff out. I believe I spoke of the boredom? Yeah, quite.

You have noticed you can get a sneak preview of Part Two of the apartment tour in advance of its world premiere scheduled for this evening.

Right now, I’m waiting for Mom to get here so we can put some furniture in the house and then head off to the greater Milwaukee area. I have to stay in Waukesha tonight so I can pick up the van for Dev’s party early, and Mom is going to Sarah’s baby shower. Good times for all.

Time to pack!

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