Synopsis of the Past 69 Hours


7:20 PM, FRIDAY: Go to dinner w/ Mom @ Charcoal Pit. Decent, as usual, but need to find more places to go out for fish.

10:30 PM, FRIDAY: Arrive @ Ambassador to meet Joe, Raul, Steve, and Jared. Find out there are three different bachelor parties that the five of us will be attending on Saturday. Talk a bit about comic books, which surprises me. But, I don’t feel like an ass chiming in on comics, as I’m sure I would on Jeffry’s board.

2:20 AM, SATURDAY: Spill half a bottle of beer on myself as I fall asleep on the couch. Joe rightfully laughs at me.

7:45 AM, SATURDAY: Wake and immediately panic, having not set an alarm, concerned that I might already be late picking up the guys for the bachelor party.

8:30 AM, SATURDAY: Pick up the hella-expensive van.

9:35 AM, SATURDAY: Arrive @ Hampton Inn to pick up the gang for Dev’s party. Slotten forgot to bring his directions, so I guide him in by phone.

10:30 AM, SATURDAY: Begin the Miller tour.

12:42 PM, SATURDAY: Arrive right on time to the Sprecher tour.

2:30 PM, SATURDAY: Still enjoying watching the men enjoy the free Sprecher samples. Devin is pretty much trashed.

4:30 PM, SATURDAY: Arrive to dinner early, we’re seated immediately and eating before 5, much to the agreement of the party attendees, who have the buzzin’ muchies by this time.

6:10 PM, SATURDAY: Arrive at Premier, smoke an Indian Tabac cigar that makes me sweat/queasy/hot. Also play a round of Golden Tee with Joe Bryan, Jake Simon, and D-Slo?. Petters caddies. Most people sober up to some extent, excepting Devin.

7:55 PM, SATURDAY: Go into the Premier bathroom, certain I am about to puke from cigar. I don’t.

8:30 PM, SATURDAY: Arrive @ Brew City, party proceeding.

10:30 PM, SATURDAY: Arrive upstairs @ O’Danny’s?. Bar vacant, we fill it up. Play 8-10 rounds of 7-14-21. Some very attractive women make me very glad to be there.

12:50 AM, SUNDAY: Devin pays the bagpipe guy 20 dollars to play three songs, poorly.

1:10 AM, SUNDAY: I run into Steve, Raul, and their bachelor, Waldo, having a shot @ The Harp. Their party is going well.

1:20 AM, SUNDAY: Devin falls off the chair, doesn’t notice, keeps talking to D-Slo?.

1:25 AM, SUNDAY: Heise is about to take a nap on the bench @ The Harp.

1:30 AM, SUNDAY: D-Slo? walks Devin to the bathroom. Later, Devin will say he doesn’t remember that happening.

1:45 AM, SUNDAY: I guide Devin’s movement back to the van. As we pass the Wyndam, he wants to have a little contest guessing the make of the cars parked on the street. He is right a couple times.

2:02 AM, SUNDAY: I need to pull over on the freeway at the Zoo interchange because Devin needs to throw up.

2:05 AM, SUNDAY: Devin needs to take a walk in the grass because he stepped in the vomit.

2:16 AM, SUNDAY: Devin’s weight is supported by his belt/jeans as his future father-in-law leans him out the open van door to puke again. Woman in a minivan in the next lane is grossed out.

2:17 AM, SUNDAY: Kids in Trans Am implore Devin not to “puke on their car!”

2:23 AM, SUNDAY: Devin loses consciousness safely in his hotel room.

2:35 AM, SUNDAY: Stop for something to eat at Perkin’s (next door to the hotel) with Kevin P, Kevin W, Brandon H, David Sl, Brian F, Nick P. Meghan is our waitress. We agree that she is quite attractive in a wholesome, midwestern way.

3:20 AM, SUNDAY: I drop off the hella-expensive van.

11:00 AM, SUNDAY: I pick up the guys who stayed at the hotel for check-out.

12:50 PM, SUNDAY: Joe, Slotten and I order food at the drive-thru @ Vic’s on Silvernail.

1:05 PM, SUNDAY: Joe, Slotten and I receive the food we ordered at the drive-thru @ Vic’s on Silvernail.

1:13 PM, SUNDAY: Joe, Slotten and I arrive @ West Point Cinema to see The Bourne Supremacy.

3:10 PM, SUNDAY: We leave the theater and agree that it was an enjoyable show.

4:10 PM, SUNDAY: I leave Jen & Joe’s to head back to Oshkosh.

5:55 PM, SUNDAY: Arrive at Wells Fargo Bank in Neenah to make a deposit to cover my kilt rental for Devin & Marj’s wedding.

6:12 PM, SUNDAY: Arrive back at my house.

8:30 PM, SUNDAY: Meet Katie Mac and D Schrubbe @ Oblio’s for a few beers. Run into Dave Ruby there, too.

9:40 PM, SUNDAY: Nutbar that Katie attended high school with begs her to buy him a drink, since he just got out of prison, but would she please hurry up and decide, because he has to be back to the group home by 10.

10:10 PM, SUNDAY: Katie, Dave and I have a discussion about hypochondria that stems from poverty (i.e., no insurance).

10:50 PM, SUNDAY: We agree to leave the bar, and I say, “great—I can still be in bed by 11.”

6:38 AM, MONDAY: I wake up, having overslept slightly.

7:42 AM, MONDAY: Arrive at work.

12:38 PM, MONDAY: Go to lunch.

1:41 PM, MONDAY: Get back from lunch.

3:10 PM, MONDAY: Start working on this entry.

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