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Funny how Internet monikers have become as personal and important as license plates or nicknames. I realized this when I scrolled through the user list on the site, and took note of how many people chose a username from the Internet: perhaps a Yahoo! or AOL ID, or whatever.

Cuz it’s gotten to where you just don’t think about it: of course, on a site with traffic/membership as low as mine, you could probably have your name for a username. But on the Internet, we just don’t tend to think of ourselves as “ourselves.” We wear our virtual identities like a mask, or a cape, or a badge.

If that makes sense.

Another thing? The well is dry: one of my problems is a lack of fresh material.

I was thinking the other day, as I talked at length with some people who’d never really met me before, that I am (generally) a big hit with new people, because they have never heard any of the jokes.

The issue is that it only takes about a week or two of my aquaintence before I run out of stuff, and then you’re back watching the same show you’ve seen 14 days ago, and the second time around it’s a big yawner.

I rhetorically question myself time to time on whether this forum (a blog) is good for positive growth or if it just breeds stagnation.

This is my second straight work week of a post per day. I’ll be at home for most of this weekend, so things could get scary, blog-wise.

Later I’m going to meet the VanDusers? on their way to the cottage in Mt. Morris so I can finish some devirusifying of their computer, which I worked on in part over the Internet earlier this week.

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