Just a Recap – rated 'R'


Thought I would just jot a few things down about what I did over the weekend and some plans for the week, since I don’t have a lot to say today.

Friday night I went to Louis Glasnap’s retirement party in Fond du Lac. It was funny because there were a bunch of people from work there, all out at the bar. When you’re at a bar with people from work, it’s a totally different atmosphere, because you say things like “fuck,” “shit,” and “balls,” without anyone getting offended.

After the retirement shindig I met up with a gaggle of people at the old Lizard Lounge (now called simply ‘The Lounge’) who, strangely enough, were also sort of from work. Marie (the HNIC of the front desk) was there with a bunch of her friends, and I had no idea that you can get tappers of Pabst (16oz.) for two bucks over there. Marie was pretty loaded and said “fuck” a lot. As I recall, she was particularly anxious for the cracker who was layin down some rhymes to “fuck off.”

Saturday I spent the majority of the day de-virusating Sarah & Dan’s computer, as well as finding an anti-virus system that would actually work on their machine. I said “fuck” a whole bunch of times that day.

Saturday night I went with Kevin to Eden to see the last 13 Walls gig ever. It was a good show. It was too bad Amanda and Kilian couldn’t come with us, too, but he was sleeping and his mom decided they’d just stay home. Kevin and I had four pitchers between the two of us, so I’m sure we said “fuck” several times. I know that I said it once after we got back to the house and were playing a video game and I spilled my beer on the rug.

Sunday morning I slept in a little on the Poquette’s couch, and Amanda made blueberry pancakes from scratch. They were pretty damn good. I held Kilian for a while, and by the time I put him down, both my arms were a little sore. He is getting big!

I got back to my house at about noon, then I watched a whole bunch of ’24’ on DVD before I took a ride to the cottage in Mt. Morris to drop off the computer and have dinner with Sarah & Dan. Dan and I said “fuck” a few times, but usually as an adjective (‘this steak is pretty fuckin good,’ for example).

I went to bed sort of late, and I had this weird dream that culminated in me beating the holy living hell out of one of my professors from Montana. When I woke up, I didn’t really feel like going in to work, but I went anyway.

I did mostly stuff that related to my Fin Aid counselor training (I think my boss is gonna get me on that very soon) and the only time I typed “fuck” was when I was describing the aforementioned dream to my friend Ben Leubner in an email.

That pretty much brings you up to speed. Don’t forget to look at the photos of Devin’s bachelor party. Thanks Fallon!

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