On or About the Weekend


Devin and Marj got married on Saturday to much fanfare. It was a very nice day (despite some overcast skies and a little rain in the PM) and two people have rarely looked happier.

So there’s that.

Wordy and Mark traveled the furthest (I believe) in order to be here over the weekend, and their presence was heartily enjoyed. Great to have ‘the band back together,’ as it were.

On Sunday, the Poquettes, Lorch & Jamie, and I all went down to the Wordell residence in Menomonee Falls for a slightly early birthday celebration for Wordy. That was also nice. As the evening wore on, we played Trivial Pursuit (the 20th anniversary edition) which Kevin and Amanda won. By the time we were finally leaving it was 11 PM. Kevin was good enough to give me a ride home.

I noticed something (or rather, finally wrote something down which has been all too obvious for far too long) during the course of the reception cleanup on Saturday night: I have a serious problem that involves the humming, whistling, or softly mumbling the refrain of “Turning Japanese” by the Vapors almost constantly. I can’t be certain whether anyone else has noticed this issue, but it’s probably safe to say that, having had it spelled out in black and white on the internet, more people will be aware of it in the days and weeks to come.

I feel a bit like Dickens today.

If I had some means to take a digital photo right now, I would show you the fruits of my effort to create a brand new party game that you can play at home: DVD Jenga.

The rules are simple, but the game does require a collection of no fewer than 120 DVDs. Stack the DVDs (in their cases) face up, one on top of the other, as high as possible without knocking the tower over. For the first 20-40, this seems like a simple, straightforward, and boring game. But very soon, it becomes exceedingly compelling as you’re able to place fewer and fewer cases on the stack at once, and holy hell is it a blast when the whole mother topples over.

I won the game with 93 DVDs stacked.

I need to buy some cleaning supplies for the apartment, but their purchase will have to wait until the weekend.

I’m going to get some food now.

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