Go Get Me Some Coffee


Lately (the last several days/entries) I’ve been writing this first thing when I get into work and before I get anything substantial done elsewhere. This may not be the best idea becuase at this point in the morning (8:30) I’m just a little cranky and lifeless because I had to get up (again) and I haven’t had but 4, 5, 6 sips of coffee so far. This is a disservice to you. Instead of giving you something substantial or insightful, I’m pissed off that I even have to write something.

Strides are being made, though; during the 69 Days, and several times before that, I would just blow you off.

I got a haircut yesterday evening at north side Cost Cutters next to Pick n Save.

Oooh, oohhh! Did I just get an email…???!

I’ve heard the incoming mail sound on one of my neighbor’s computers more often than before this week. So every time I do, I stop and check the eprompter and it’s typically unchanged. This story is demonstrative of the long days in summer. Pleasepleaseohplease let there be an email so I can do something.

Back to my haircut, though. Got the haircut and rented a shirt on the advice of Wordy @ the place next door there… what’s it called? Nedrebo’s, that’s it.

Also, OK, some of the coffee is kicking in a little now, I tried to watch Master & Commander last night, which was up for an Oscar for Best Picture last year, and OK, yes, it was very realistically done in relation to the other…. what would you call these movies? It’s not a pirate movie, cuz they weren’t pirates, but it’s a…. it’s a movie about boats. Whatever. So it was probably the most realistically portrayed movie of that sub-genre that I’ve seen, and I haven’t seen all that many of them I guess, but yeah: there were some very good bits in this flick.

The doctor on the ship was Russell Crowe’s imaginary friend in A Beautiful Mind too, yes? Yeah, that’s right.

OK, but *why* was the movie sooooo loooooong..?? Oh god it was long. And they were on the boat pretty much the whooooooooooooole time. Maybe I was just tired. Maybe that was it. But holy hell: I feel asleep at the 93-minute mark and then I woke up around 10 and went to bed.

I’ll give it another try, I’m just saying, this genre might not be my bag.

Was going to do a bunch of cleaning around the apartment yesterday, but realized that I didn’t have all the equipment I’d need.

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