My Grandma Bock passed away yesterday, 8/31.

For those in the know, you may remember that last fall she had a very difficult heart surgery, followed by a long stay in the hospital, some time in rehab, and only a few months ago she started living by herself again (but still relied on the helpful and loving assistance of family and friends for a lot of things).

I talked to Grandma on the phone about six days ago, and she didn’t sound that great, but she hadn’t been sounding very good for a while, I suppose. It was only about six or seven months between when Grandpa passed away and Grandma had her heart surgery. When I called last week, her machine picked up before Grandma finally grabbed the phone. She said she was in the laundry room, and had been calling for Grandpa to get the phone. She told me she was doing stuff like that a lot lately.

The funeral is tomorrow, then I’m riding back up north with Mom and Dad for the rest of the weekend. Talk to you again after.

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