It's All Alright


I had poetry class tonight and I realized that it will not be the end of the world.

I was admittedly apprehensive, because god knows I’ve never really written any poetry, and there are clearly a lot of people in that class (more so than in the fiction writing from last term) that fancy themselves poets, if they are not poets proper, where I didn’t get the impression that lots of people in Rindo’s thought they could write fiction.

In this way, I’m exactly the opposite of most of my mates in these two classes.

But here’s the other thing: Gemin has been right all these years, and Pam is a helluva teacher. I can see after just one full class period that she breaks everything down in a way that makes it all seem manageable, and I envy that ability. I don’t think I have it at this point.

The other thing that will not cause the world to end? The semester’s courseload. I’m not going to be overly swamped by the work I have to do in the combination of two classes, and I feel better and better each day about the schedule that I’ve made up for myself.

Y’know, there was even some good stuff @ work today: I didn’t have to sit at the front desk, so I got some work done, learned some new crap, had a staff meeting where I found out some of our understaffing problems are going to solved in the next couple weeks, and that’s definitely good.

Holy moses.

I think this is the first time I’ve felt like I had a good day this late in the semester… ever.


Take a look in the ‘Galleries’ if you have a chance and see what I’ve done with the digital camera lately.

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