College Kids, Deerhunting, and the Holiday Season

Did you know that in this format, it is mega-easy to read the blog on a handheld? As Dave Slotten might say ‘pretty neat, pretty neat.’

Yesterday afternoon, I had a swell time with Dave Schrubbe and Kim Vlies conducting some statistical research for one of Dave’s classes.

We took a random sampling of 43 students on the pedestrian mall between the union and the library and asked them the following questions:
1. How old are you?

2. What is your major?

3. Do you live on campus? (if ‘yes,’ which hall?)

4. Are you employed? (if ‘yes,’ full or part time, on- or off-campus?)

5. Do you want to get hit with a bat? (if ‘no,’ what if we give you a free t-shirt?)

While the data has yet to be formally sythesized, as the Chief Surveyor on this project, I can say that a startling majority of college students responded favorably to being hit with a plastic bat, and the vast majority of those who did not were still willing to be inflicted with pain in exchange for cheap gifts.

It might be fun to to conduct this survey in a variety of geographic regions, maybe try to determine if this campus has something to do with it. Dave says he would be glad to license the study to anyone interested for a nominal fee. Drop him a line if you have some spare time.

This afternoon, I’ll be heading up north for the deer hunt. It’s going to be pretty warm, according to the latest weather data; might even rain on Saturday. Thing is, though, you can never predict how cold 38 degrees is going to feel if you’re sitting still for an extended period of time.

I do like to keep at least my fingers moving, though. As you sit in a tree your mind can float in some wacky directions. Maybe that’s one of the reasons that hunters enjoy hunting as much as they do: it’s very quiet.

I could use a new space pen for the weekend, though; I remember trying to write with my regular pen last year, and it was difficult at times. A pencil would be OK, sure, if I didn’t push way too hard and break all my leads. Hence, space pen needed.

And have you ever tried writing underwater with them things? I can’t imagine what you would write on with a pen underwater, seeing as how paper isn’t going to work, and how much could you be working on while submerged that doesn’t relate directly to your submersion? One of life’s mysteries.

Wordell has a new internship at Paramount, and it affords him a lot of opportunities (Internet- and writing-wise) that I used to have when was working for Res Life. Giving that knowledge, you should drop him a line some time, too.

The holiday season is right around the corner, so make sure you check out my list if you’re frustrated or need guidance. I like December just in general; it’s probably my favorite month. In addition to the Christmas and the birthday, I only have two weeks of class that month, what with the semester winding down. I had a random dream last night, too, where people who I don’t really know very well were buying me gifts for some reason, and I felt really bad because I had nothing to offer them in return. Eh, just a dream, whatever.

Right now, there are three of us working in the Financial Aid Office. Bloody ghost town around here. I’m going to try to get out early if I can; still need to finish up a couple things at the house before I head out for the week. Catch ya once I get to E.R.

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