The Mid-Season Report

So I went into town today with Christy to do some laundry, get some coffee, and get on the web at regular pace. The two bucks that I paid to ‘Brew Moon’ on Railroad Street in E.R. is totally worth it. It’ll be worth it even more if I find out later that they don’t change their WEP key every day.

Here now are the things that I wrote down while I was in the woods, mostly yesterday, but a few on opening day (Saturday the 20th).

11/20: First shot of the season heard at 6:36… Second heard at 6:44, right after I text-messaged Wordy the weather report… 2 must-have’s for the next place I go to school — tuition covered or reimbursed, paid teaching assistantship… 8:36, saw three deer walk almost right under my tree stand (no more than 15 yards away) but decided none was big enough to shoot…

11/23: The rest of the weekend passed without seeing another deer. Uncle Mark and Christopher had to head back home around noon on Sunday, after we made a couple drives.

Me, Dad, and the Graues went back out to sit on Sunday afternoon, and it was a much nicer afternoon than the rainy/shitty Saturday.

I stayed up to watch the Packers play at Houston on Sunday night. They were down 13-3 at halftime, and as the 3rd quarter wore on with neither team doing much, I said to myself, “If Houston scores again, I’m going to bed.” They didn’t, Brett won the game, and the Pack is 6-4. Probably ought to be 8-2, but that’s another story.

Monday was ho-hum, bout the same as Sunday. Mark and Phil left about 10AM, Dad and I went to see Roger (at the dump), hunted AM and PM.

Today (Tuesday) I slept in a little, watched ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’ on the satellite while I drank a pot of coffee, then I took a ride to town and Rhinelander.

Joe picked me up the new U2, which I’ll have to go to the coffeehouse or library to download. Bonson’s wanted 16 bucks for it, which is bullshit. At Wal-Mart? in Rhinelander, it was only 10, but I told Joe not to get it there, and I wasn’t going to be a hypocrite about it.

I got up in my tree today at about 2:05, and the bad news is the apples I cut up and threw on the ground yesterday are still there. To me, this indicates no deer have been through here, at least in the past 24 hours. So now I’m sort of torn: on the one hand, that makes me think maybe I should try a different place, since no deer in the last few days probably means they won’t be back for a while. On the other hand, it makes me want to stay put, thinking they have to come back eventually. Such is the rub of the hunt.

I am either coming down with a cold or wearing wool for such an extended period has aggravated my allergies. In any case, I’ve had a sore throat for two days and today I had to bring a handful of Halls along into the woods. I should probably use them sparingly in order to make them last.

Last night, Dad watched ‘Family Guy’ with me. He had never seen it before and laughed his ass off, particularly at the things that are in exceptionally poor taste, which is kind of what the point of the show is. Mom read a book.

Now that Joe and Jen are engaged for real, I need to get cracking on hooking up with a chick in a legitimate relationship. No one else really knew this, but one of my goals has been to take a “girlfriend” along to their wedding. With the date set for Friday, April 29, I figure I have about four months max to meet such a person. Of course, the holiday season is coming up, and who really has the time to pursue a romantic relationship during this economically stressful time? So really, that leaves me with about three months, minus a week for spring break, so 2 months, 3 weeks. The odds and history are both against me, but it’s hard to believe they’re finally getting hitched, too. Who knew I’d run out of time so fast?

Well that pretty much takes care of my list for the time being. I don’t imagine I’ll be back before after the Thanksgiving holiday (which is tomorrow) so enjoy it with whomever you plan to spend it. With.

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