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Oftentimes, on the last day of the year, newspapers, TV shows, websites, etc, all have a review of the major events of the year, or occasionally you’ll get a reflection about the passage of time, reverence for the past, hope for the future, that sort of thing. I have done it myself. I thought about the year of 2004, and realized that the most remarkable thing about it for me, was its *relative* unremarkablity. There were three very significant events:
– Kevin and Amanda had a son, Kilian, in April
– My grandma, Bettie Bock, passed away on August 31
– Just days later, my cousins Sarah & Dan had a son, Jake

These were the major things — the ones that will mark 2004 in my memory. Other than those, I’m quite happy to report that after the better part of three years being spent in flux, I can say the following things about myself:
– I have been living in this apartment for six months now, and I have no plans to move for at least six more.
– Early next month, I will mark my 1-year anniversary working back at the Financial Aid Office, and that’s the first time I’ve had the same job for 12 months since 2001.
– Everything on the horizon points to a perfectly agreeable and worry-free 2005.

My best to you and all those close to you in the New Year.

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