Bring On the Warm Weather

OK, so the holidays are over. In my book, that means it’s time for the snow to melt, the sun to stay up, and spring to begin.

Yes, I’m aware that it’s the 4th of January.

I enjoy winter for 4 weeks every year — the 4 weeks of December — and then I’m pretty much done. My WPS bill was a hundred bucks last month, so I say “to hell with cold.” I’m going to be turning down the heat again, after a Christmas-timey treat of 66 degrees for something like 15 days, so if you’re coming over, bring a sweater. And a hat. And don’t take your shoes off. Don’t worry, I do have plenty of blankets.

Lorch and I laughed the other day when he was playing with my PDA and noticed that all of the tasks on my To-Do? list are overdue. I’ll have to push back those dates a little.

Many thanks to those who attended the Global New Year’s Extraveganza — it was a good time, as usual. Nice to see everybody, hang out, etc. Mark your calendars for 12/31/05, we’ll do it all again.

The Priceless Quote of The New Year’s Festivities is from the mouth of Nick Petters:
“I remember when I decided to grow my hair long. I was hiiii-igh as SHIT.”

I just jotted down my list of things to do today. It is quite reminicent of my summer lists, with lots of little things on it to make me feel like I’m accomplishing stuff.

My car sort of broke down the other day as I was on my way out of a movie, it just wouldn’t start. Like, electrically it wouldn’t start, as in, no cranking, good battery, turn key nothing happens. I paid to have it towed to my house and then it started right up. So I need to have it looked at for sure, I’m going to look for some diagrams or repair docs or something that might help me find the problem. I walked to work this morning, and it was cold but not unbearable. The car started this morning, too, but I don’t want to chance driving it around unless it’s going to stay running the whole time.

Oh, and the NFL Playoffs are upon us. Man, I was cheering SOOO HARD for Minnesota to get eliminated, because I thought it would be hilarious, but as it turns out, they’re in and they’re coming back to Green Bay again. I don’t know that the Packers can beat the Queens 3 times in one year. It will likely be quite a contest.

Come on over for the game if you want, I have a lot of beer left over. Just bring a sweater.

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