Sorry for not getting back early in the week here, but as I said: I was watching Alias. I’m finished now. Completely. I’m all caught up. Eagerly ready to watch this week’s ep.

If you saw the Packers game on Sunday, you didn’t need to. It was over in the first ten minutes and they deserve what they got, y’ask me. Some things need to change around the organization to get them back to an elite standing in the NFL. They’ve been living and dying by Brett’s arm since the last time they went to the Super Bowl, so what does that say about the rest of the team? That’s all I’ll say about that for a while.

My jazz station is down today, kind of a bummer. I’m listening to movie scores instead, and this station is all about John Williams.

Car didn’t want to start again on Monday morning, and hasn’t since. And I just realized it’s only Tuesday. That’s fabulous.

I some more room in my work area again (I think I’ve mentioned this?) so I should bring some stuff in to hang up again.

This is a fairly unexciting day. Please consult other areas of the Internet for interesting topics and email me with your opinions.

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