Nice Work

For those of you who have been held in suspense since earlier in the day, the car started in the work parking lot today, both at lunch and after work.

I’m impressed with myself for finishing the majority of my daily lists while I’m at work or at home. Today I wiped out 4 of 6 items. I am having a problem at home, though: it’s called Alias.

Knitt lent me the first two seasons of the show just before Christmas, cuz it seems like I should enjoy it, and the 4th season just started this week on ABC — I wanted to “catch up” and watch this year. I still have quite a way to go, but if I keep up on this rate of six episodes a night, I should be there pretty soon. But, y’know, there’s four and half hours right there, so I’m not getting a lot done in the evenings at home at this point.

I would write more or start making some sense, but, to be honest, I’m watchin Alias, so…

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