On Blogging

This whole exercise has, as I’ve mentioned before, become so trendy and commonplace now, it’s seeping into the cultural consciousness as deeply as email, cable TV, and SUVs.

I read this story from the Washington Post this morning via Yahoo.

Take a look at it if you like, the summary is that it’s about the risks of blogging at work, and on another level, I think it just signals this thing called “blogging” as the latest web-trend to be absorbed into popular (as opposed to Internet) culture.

But man, here’s the facts about blogging that some of the people metioned in the article must’ve forgotten:
1. Your blog appears in a public place (the Internet). With access to the web so widespread now, things you say in a blog are just as likely to be seen as if you rained 10,000 flyers on your community from a cargo plane. Everybody’s on the Internet, so don’t say things in public that you wish to keep private.
2. In relation to #1 — you wouldn’t stop every person you see on the street or in the mall or whatever to explain to them how much your job sucks. Why not? Well, first because you’d be crazy, but second, BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHO KNOWS WHO OR WHO IS WATCHING WHEN. It’s tact. You need to have some tact in the blog, or you run the risk of getting people mad at you, being reprimanded at work, or worse fired, or worse yet, prosecuted.

I guess those two items mostly sum the case up, but I’d like to forward this opinion: those who get fired for flaming their workplace in a blog probably wanted to quit or get canned anyway.

Still working on the metablog…. have a nice weekend.

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