At Least It's Fast

The release of Microsoft’s next version of Windows is on the horizon, and facts are this: there are a lot of people out there that have, at one time or another, used a less-than-fully legitimate/legal copy of a Windows product. In anticipation of not being able to afford a license for the new Windows, I’m trying to get more familiar with Linux (again).

I’m understanding the file structure and the “way Linux works” better than ever, but there are still some pain-in-the-ass type things that bug me about different distributions or packages or systems. The thing I’m glad about is that installing a slackware system only takes about 20-30 minutes. Beats the hell out of Windows’s hour, but when Windows is done I know how everything works, so I guess that’s the diff.

The weather is very wintery again in the Fox Valley. I guess this current storm is expected to drop something like 8 inches of snow before it’s all over. We’ll see if that happens; it definitely has been snowing since around midnight, but never really fast. I will admit that I haven’t been outdoors since 6 on Saturday evening.

Dave Slotten was over at the house for a few minutes today to (finally) pick up his Christmas gifts and take a call from the governor. We’ll probably try to get together again at the earliest time possible.

Did I tell you I booked a flight to Boston for spring break? I’m going to meet Wordy and Ben Leubner (who lives there) on Friday, 3/11, and stay until the 15th. After that, I might go up north or else stay at home and work. Probably smarter to do the latter, as I could always go up for the following weekend…

I should get out and take some pictures, eh?

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