This Is What Happens When You Watch a Ton of Movie Trailers

One of the things that I “got done,” (hehe) yesterday was to watch every trailer for every movie that I haven’t seen yet on (which, in case you’re ever looking for movie previews, is the best place to go on the web).

I think that that activity contributed, at least in part (along with a ’24’ mini-marathon to get myself caught up to this week), to a strange dream I had this morning:

I was visiting L.A, and the truck I rented broke down somewhere on the 405. I WALKED to the next exit, somehow through the speeding traffic I guess, and once I was off the highway, I decided I would get a haircut. I went into a salon that was right off the freeway. Vin Diesel worked there, and he did my hair for me, y’know, since I knew him and stuff.

Well so then we’re all done and Vin talks me into buying some product for my hair, I didn’t ask him what it cost or anything, and I’m going to sign the slip and this bottle of whatever he gave me was ONE HUNDRED SIXTY DOLLARS out of a total bill around $210. I was like, “Vin, man, look — I really can’t afford to get this stuff for 160 bucks, I’m gonna have to make due with what I’ve got at home.”

And he’s all offended, like I just didn’t want to buy it from him or something. Whatever, Vin Diesel! Christ, since we’re friends, why don’t you shell out the 160 bones, it’s not like you didn’t make enough on your latest Hollywood-blow-everything-up-crap-a-thon.


So I was really pissed at him, but me and Jen found the EXACT same product at Target for about 20 bucks.

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