Then Wordell Showed Up

Yesterday Ben and I made it to the airport just as Wordy was disembarking from his plane. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a muffin before we got back on the train, and Ben was right — they have some shitty coffee @ the DD.

We ate lunch at a place called The Screamin Pig. It was a nice English pub, I had a pulled pork sandwich.

Next, we walked over to Wally’s Jazz Cafe, which is one of Ben’s favorite places to hang out, and judging by the awards hanging on the walls, Boston thinks it’s pretty great, too. We were there too early to see anyone play, but the jukebox was an adequate substitute. A bunch of the pictures from yesterday are in Wally’s.

We went to the top floor of the Prudential building, where there’s a restaurant called “Top of the Hub.” The view was neat, but since it was a cloudy, snowy day in general, we had trouble seeing very far out. We were going to hang out there for a drink anyway, but they wouldn’t serve me because (and I’m paraphrasing here) “( they’ve ) never heard of a state that issues you a sticker to extend the date of your license before.” I was laughing about it, I think the people working there were offended, but like I told them — it wasn’t them so much as it was Wisconsin that gave me the chuckles. Silly, cheap, stupid Wisconsin, who doesn’t want you to get a new license, just a sticker.

There were a couple other stops along the way, finally we wound up at a place called Punter’s Pub, where we could throw all the darts we wanted for free (quite a change from WI) and we hung out there until around 1:00. Wordy and I ordered a lunchbox, which we had to tell the bartender how to make (1 part light beer, 1 part O.J, drop in a shot of amaretto), and which grossed out everybody at the bar. It was delightful.

Today the weather is supposed to be better, so hopefully we’ll get some outdoor photography rolling.

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