Going Home

Missed an entry yesterday, mostly because of the hours that traveling took.

Wordy and I got on a bus at 7:00 AM EST Monday to go to New York for the day. We arrived in Chinatown at about 11, and then proceeding to walk a very long way, meandering past, in, and around any number of interesting or peculiar sites, until we got to Bethesda fountain in Central Park at about 3 (At least I think that’s about what time it was. I could check the pictures. OK, so it was 3:30. I was close.).

It was after we walked back out of the park to 53rd & Broadway (where I wanted to get a better photo of the Ed Sullivan Theater than I did four years ago) that we decided to pick up a map and brave the New York City subway. It was certainly no more frightening than any other sort of public transit, definitely faster, more crowded than most, but just difficult for a first-timer to navigate.

Anyway, we rode the train up to Columbia University, where Wordy wanted to learn some street names and whatnot, because a screenplay that he’s working on apparently has a car chase around Columbia in it. I took a few nice photos on the campus there, and a cute English girl asked me for directions, which I really wish I could’ve provided.

We asked a university security officer for subway directions back to where we needed to be for our bus, and holy crap – was that ever faster than walking! We got to the bus in plenty of time, even had a chance to grab dinner before it left, and then we both tried to sleep some on the way home. I also read the 2nd volume of the Sin City books, and it was as good as or better than the first.

Today we slept in for a little while after a very long day on our feet. We were up at about 20 minutes to 9, and we were across the street at the Au Bau Pain for coffee and a muffin at 10 after. Ben met us there about 30 minutes later, then at 10:30 or so, we hopped a train up to Harvard.

I had been there on Friday, but Wordy hadn’t, and I was really glad we went back, because the weather was beautiful for taking pictures. I found the ‘Harvard Alumni’ mug that I wanted, and Wordy got a shirt for his roomie that says, “Hahvahd.”

We ate lunch up in Cambridge before heading back to down with a stop at MIT. We all had a marvelous time all morning/early afternoon making fun of the smart kids at both Harvard and MIT. I guess it’s just what you do when you’re dumb/normal.

Wordy and I caught the train nearest Ben’s apartment at about 3:10 PM, and we were to the airport before 4. I was actually at the security check at 4. I waited on going through, though, so that we could have a drink before we took off. At 20 to 5, we said good-bye, and now I’m on the plane sitting next to a cute girl from Friendship, WI who’s a freshman at Boston University. I’m also sort of watching this guy’s DVDs over his shoulder without sound two rows up.

See ya back in ‘Sconnie.

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