I Feel Like I Should Probably Do This

It’s better to be out among the people on your day off, I guess. I should probably come here more often in general, just so as to appear less hermitic.

I decided I would come to the Union in the afternoon to do homework and some various Internet-ting. This affords me the opportunity to “people watch” as well, and since that is something I enjoy doing (so I’ve found) I think I should move to a more metropolitan area. I don’t think the kids like being seen around here. I don’t really think anyone does. People stay out home. They should go out. For my benefit, of course.

Jen and Joe’s wedding is this week, and the whole spring has pretty much been leading up to it, so the day’s arrival is something of a spectre of the semester’s looming conclusion. Even in terms when the workload is not particularly heavy or undesirable, I hate the end. Inevitably, I feel like I should’ve done something more, or I should’ve done something differently, or I’m forgetting to do something altogether. That may just be my (possibly) clinically-certifiable paranoia.

I was sitting in the apartment yesterday thinking about doing homework and so being distracted by all the things that are wrong with my living space. I am rapidly running out of room on my shelves for DVDs, so I concluded that the best way to free up more room would be to rid myself of VHS tapes once and for all.

To that end, I signed up for Netflix, and within minutes had added all the movies I have on VHS to my “rental queue.” After that, I added more and realized that this might end up being another dangerous addiction.

I totally forgot to get a hotel room for the wedding. Shit.

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