Forgot to comment on the Packers draft from the weekend.

I thought it was pretty exciting to draft a ‘blue chip’ sort of quarterback, realizing that such opportunities don’t often present themselves to a perennial playoff team.

At the same time, no matter how many boquets of roses def. coordinator Jim Bates attempts to jam up the Packers fans’ collective ass, I don’t think the team has a prayer of doing anything substantial next season.

Sure, Bob Slowik, last year’s coordinator was a tool, and if he could’ve committed to a ‘system’ that might’ve helped, but man: they’ve got a bunch of underachievers and role players on that unit, and between last August and this past March, it also lost its two best players (Mike McKenzie? and Darren Sharper, respectively).

Meanwhile, Minnesota has done nothing but make a series of fantastic moves to bolster the D in the offseason, and I think you’d be crazy to predict anything but a division crown for them at this point.

*sigh* g'damn packers...

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