Five One

I started to write this *on* the site itself, but recent post-disasters in which I pushed the back button by mistake made me rethink that scenario.

Today is the first of May, and that is indicative of at least three noteworthy things:

– Jen and Joe’s wedding on Friday was a great time–everything from the shooting range in the morning, to the ceremony in the afternoon to the party in the evening went just swimmingly. I impressed myself by being able to get home without incident after all the hoopla ended, despite the fact that I was alone and pretty much intoxicated.

– Grandma’s birthday is today, she turns 74. We had a little party for her on Saturday night, where the food and company were once again very good.

– On a more panicky sort of note, I have two weeks left in the semester, and still plenty of work to be done.

Currently, I’m still at Jen and Joe’s house, although they took a trip up to Uncle Bob & Auntie Chris’s cottage in Mt. Morris for the weekend. Mom wanted me to unload the dishwasher, so I suppose I ought to do that before I go. I might also try to get some of the aforementioned school work done while I’m here.

The Brewers are playing at home this afternoon, and I would kind of like to go to a game, too… but I suppose I have all summer for that.

I might have more matrimonial/weekend reflections after I have some breakie.

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