Depressingly Inadequate

I had a large post all typed up here, it went on at some length about my malnutrition and lack of exercise, and pointed out that Christy (my little sister) would have some choice words for me on that topic.

After that, I went into great detail of today’s episode where I visited Dairy Queen and paid a charge of 2.60 with a 10 dollar bill and a dime, and in return received a five, two singles, a quarter, two dimes, and a nickel… what are people thinking about?

Unfortunately, I accidentally tapped the goddamn back arrow and erased the entire post with a simple keystroke.

And I’m not going to type it all over again.

In lieu of the entertainment you expected here, please see the following:

Everyone on the Internet is a Lunatic

Now I’m going to make a sandwich.

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