Stranger In a Strange Land

Michelle would be proud of me, because I’m making this entry from an iMac.

It is strictly out of necessity, however; I am fullfilling my promised “office hours” at the Wisconsin Review, and this is the machine that we have available in this room. There is the iMac handle on top of this box (for easy throwing to the curb), and from what I’ve heard from the the returning staff members, it might not be the worst idea to make use of it.

But that’s neither here nor there. I came to tell you what is “up” lately.

I have a marvelously stressful first few weeks of school, and not due to class, but rather to work. When I swung through here last, there was news of a new full-time job @ the Financial Aid office. It sucks to begin work somewhere that is just hitting it’s “peak” time of yeay current position get done in September, February, and June, because it is a helluva lot of answering questions which to us might seem simple, but to a lot of students just are not. And there are so many fires to be extinguished, you never feel as though you’re making any headway.

Or so it was for me.

This monitor is dusty, or out of focus, or something. I’m squinting, seriously, just to see this.

In addition to my job, I have two classes this semester. This is the first time I’ve ever worked full time while going to class. I hope that my school work doesn’t suffer too much, but I’ve also been watching far less TV than I did last term. I’m wary of getting caught up in it again at all, but I know that in a matter of a short week or two, I will be wondering what’s new with Clark, Lana, Jack (both of them), Sydney, and Vaughn. *sigh* What’s a junkie to do?

I did see this movie yesterday, via Netflix, called Saved!. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t need to make a copy or anything.

My netflixing is going well. I think I’ll be able to cancel my membership there before Thanksgiving.

Oh, this is interesting… the new job has afforded me a few “luxuries” previously reserved for those that I (aptly) regarded as “far better off than I.” I have all sorts of insurance now (renter’s, health, life, dental, even auto), and I have the ability to make a monthly car loan payment, so I went ahead and used the proceeds of the sale of Grandpa & Grandma’s LeSabre? to put a payment down on a brand new 2006 Mazda3. It’s a pretty sweet ride, as budget imports go, and I plan to own it for a quite a while to come.

So that’s new.

I’ve been reading some submissions to the Review, and I have to keep in mind that we only need to select about 5 to put in this semester’s issue, so I can be fairly selective. If the story’s not that great, don’t worry about it, right? You can’t do that to yourself…

I sent an email yesterday night to my apartment building’s manager AND cc:’d the president of the company that owns the building, because I’ve been living there for 15 months, and only one of the two dryers in the building works. It has been that way since before I moved in there. I don’t get it, and yesterday, I decided I was fed up.

It’s not the building manager’s fault at all; if you ask me, they’ve got that woman stretched too thin over a number of different properties, and what they really need is to hire more people. I know a lot of students that are going to graduate college with degrees in English, so maybe that’s a place to start…

You may have noticed the absence of new photos since the spring. I’m taking care of that today. It has to wait until I get home, of course, but I am going to take care of that today.

Oh, and if you’ve missed getting links to weird stories from the AP wire (which I’m going to guess you haven’t), the truth is I haven’t read any of them lately. I should get back on that horse, too.

Do you think anyone would notice if I left here at 5:30 instead of 6?

Ah, I can stay, right?

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