Busy M.F.

I got out of class at 5 at had to promptly consult my list.

There are plenty of things I wanted to get done at home, but tops was some work I didn’t want to have to do in the AM at work. So I was there until about 6:30.

I’m glad to not have class the rest of the week, because it means I can let myself listen to the Brewers tonight and do some housework that’s been falling behind.

I just don’t know yet about this working full time and going to class twice a week. It’s not going to be easy at all.

Thank christ we’re done reading the first book in my 18th century english novel class, because it was pretty much god-awful. If not for this course, there’s no way I would ever have read Moll Flanders, but compared to that first one, it’s like a Harry Potter novel.

I’m going to try to get up north this weekend, so I’ll have to cut you loose and get down to the other things occupying my evening.

You could help me out if you know of an SSH client for Windows Mobile…

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