Promises Kept Very Late

I had the chance to read some old blogs the other day, catch my memory up on what has happened in my life (and that reallly made me realize that this blogging thing is at least as much for me as it is for you– there were times that I read somethng and said to myself, ‘oh, I forgot all about that,’) and it struck me that the Last Ride of Willy the Festiva never made its way into cyberspace.

There was a bit in the blog a while back (roughly a year ago) about how I got an estimate done and the car was definitely totaled, but then it sat in Dave Schrubbe’s parking lot for another 5, 6 months or something like that.

When I finally took the old boy over to the Ford dealership where Bart Starr would later pick him up, Dave was nice enough to ride with me and take a couple pictures.

He also took a video (about 5 MB).

Look for the photo (very similar to the shot that Grandma Markowski took on the first day I had the car) in the Public Gallery…

Off to complete my party preparation; looking forward to seeing you soon!

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