Some Projections and a Quick Rant

It was about 9:30 pm yesterday when I found out that the ‘season premiere’ of Scrubs was on that night. Twice, apparently. Err, it was two episodes.

Now– I will whole-heartedly defend the New Order in network television scheduling. People don’t watch re-runs because there’s plenty more to see all over the dial, and you end up with these unconventional schedules whereby the network can essentially put on twice as many shows, each of them for half a ‘season,’ more or less.

That’s all well and good and makes sense if you would just publicize when you’re going to re-arrange things. Or, for chrissakes, give people a week after the holiday season to settle in and wait for the all the football to end. Did YOU know that Scrubs was going to be on again last night? Now I have to try to get it by some other means.

Anyway, outside of that, you can expect to see some photos from the New Year gala in their very own gallery later today (possibly in the evening).

Also, please send thoughts and prayers in the direction of Michelle’s family, as some of its members have been less than healthy of late…

This from the we-can-all-be-geeks file.

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