Other Items Worthy of Note

Hope you had a nice 4th. Mine was dandy, per usual. Went to Veterans Park for the fireworks on 7/3, went to see the Brewers on 7/4.

Michelle came up earlier in the weekend and helped me unpack some stuff around the house, among other things. I should probably get the bills paid for this month so I know exactly where I’m at in advance of leaving for Montana at the end of July.

Did I mention I was going to Montana at the end of July? Anyone I should say ‘hi’ to?

Oh, and did I mention that I moved? Thanks to all those who helped, particularly Joe, for the use of the Jeep and whatnot.

I will post some pics of the new digs once it’s a bit more “put together.” Meanwhile, if you had a key to the crib before, you are welcome to pick up a new one…

Next and finally: I am going to make a concerted effort to post daily for the foreseeable future. Stop back in a week to check on my progress.

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