This is My Friday

I wanna just get this really brief rant off my chest:
I farking hate it when a kid’s parent gets mad at me for crap that was totally within their control at a certain point, but because the kid is an idiot, now they’re in a world of shit. Do me a favor and get mad at your stupid kid. Cuz that’s the person who messed up.

Right, so… other than that, it’s Friday.

I also made a call today to the cable company, because my RoadRunner? email address had stopped working, and it was confirmed that the person who moved my service for me didn’t do it exactly the right way. All is well now, and it turns out I’ll get to watch the Brewers on TV until the end of the season. So that’ll be nice.

I’m going to another game tomorrow, in addition to attending a party at Grandma’s house. So those things will be fun. Maybe I’ll get in a fight with a Cubs fan. Man, I really hate the Cubs. And the amazing thing is, the Crew hasn’t even been in the NL for 10 years yet. Doesn’t matter. Chicago. Hatred. It goes hand-in-hand.

I also spent some quality time on the p-hone with my lady this evening, and we did some more planning of our summer vacation (on the calendar for July 22-31). We’re doing a western National Park tour and stopping off in Nebraska and Bozeman, too. I’m really looking forward to it. A lot. The only thing I’m nervous about is, well, wait– two things I guess– I’m nervous that I might wanna do so much stuff that I don’t relax enough and end up acting like kind of a schedule-driving dick, and I’m also nervous that Michelle might not be good enough at driving my car in time.

I can’t believe this trip is only two weeks away, too. Crap-tastic. Have you seen all the stuff laying around my apartment? I kinda need to clean this stuff up before I leave. Maybe I can do that next weekend…

So the Brewers are down 4-1 right now, with two out in the bottom of the 7th. I know they’ve come back a lot this year, but this doesn’t look very good today. I’m gonna finish watching it, though.

Might have some new pics posted soon, so look for those.

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