Missed the blogging yesterday, mostly due to being out of town for the day down in MKE… I went to a little shindig at Grandma’s house for three purposes: a 50th birthday, a 75th birthday, and a college graduation. None of these events actually occured this weekend, but it was a nice little get-together anyway.

I did manage to get a campsite reserved at Yellowstone for our vacation at the end of the month. I have to remember to ask off for that Monday the 31st instead of taking a half-day on the Friday before.

But yeah, apparently it’s really really difficult to book space at that Park in the summer. The woman on the phone told me that they are generally booked a year in advance. I guess I was lucky. So now, at a minimum, we know where we’ll be sleeping each day for that week.

And speaking of the Brewers, they have play two fairly frustrating games against Cubs pitchers that they should’ve handled the past two days… although I admit that I was not in much of a baseball-watching condition for last evening’s game. I wonder if part of the problem was a relative lack of food. Hard to say, but I was pretty happy when the game ended last night.

But today Doug Davis pitched like crap. I’m starting to think they’ve gotten the best two years of his career out of him, and it may be time to move on.

I forgot my camera in the car again when I was on my way to something fun and social yesterday, so no pics available. However– do you or does anyone you know have a digital SLR I could borrow for the trip out west?

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