Yeah, it’s that time of year again. Time for a morning and afternoon shower. This wouldn’t be necessary if I had a pool. But, if I had a pool, that would mean a bunch of other shit is probably all taken care of, too, so…

But have you seen the forecast for the next few days? My ma said it might get up OVER A HUNDRED in E.R. That is nuts. They’re forecasting 90s over the weekend here and advising everyone who’s sick, dying, young, too fat, too thin, or ugly to stay indoors or drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids.

When there is a week every summer that we break all the all-time heat records from the previous summer, it really makes you feel more like this global warming shit is the real deal. I think that I mentioned I went to An Inconvenient Truth over the 4th weekend, and I would definitely recommend it to everyone I know. If you’re a neo-conservative of any kind, you’re going to think it’s just a lot of liberal propaganda, but… in that case, you were probably gonna keep being a dick about global warming anyway. So why not see the movie and pick up some fresh ammo for tearing liberals/Al Gore/hippies to pieces?

Even if not everything in Al’s movie is scientifically 100% true (and really, when you talk about scientific theory, how can anybody know 100% for sure), there are truths within it that we should all probably think about.


Bloggin early this eve because I plan to see the pirate movie with BryGuy? in a bit. Michelle didn’t wanna see this one, and that’s fair, because I flat-out refused to see The Devil Wears Prada. The reviews on Johnny & The Pirate Hoard have not been stellar this time around, but if it’s fun, that’s all I’m looking for. I will let you know.

Meanwhile, I just got a message that my student loans are all consolimadated, so, WHOO-HOO don’t have to pay Great Lakes or D-Loans? this month…

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