I Did NOT Walk in to Work Today

As you will notice, given the weather radar image below:

But I also didn’t blog yesterday; I got caught up in a little project of trying to squeeze more music on to a CD for the walking (in case it works out in the long run). My player can play mp3 discs, so I can theoretically have 700 MB or so of music on one CD.

The first one I whipped up the other day only ended up with about 6 or 7 albums on it. Not that many to choose from. I was also working with a slightly lower-capacity CD. So what I did is I went through my tunes on the server and pulled out about 20 or 25 that I thought would be nice to walk with, and I’m re-encoding copies of them at a lower bit rate. I think 96 should be OK. Mundschau would tell you I should have gone with 64, but that seems really low. Considering that I’ve done a bunch of these over time at 256 or higher, going to 96 will make a big diff.

Then I was watching this show on the History channel about salty snacks. That’s right, I watched an hour-long program about how popcorn, potato chips, and corn chips are made and became popular in America (part of a series called ‘America Eats’). Mid-way through, I felt like quite a dork, but I also felt like popcorn, so I made a bowl. Stupid shows about food…

I’ll pretty much be at home this weekend, but y’know who won’t? Joe Knitt. That dude is workin two part-time jobs on top of going to class right now. He’s frickin nuts.

But anyway, I gave you the shaft on the blogging yesterday, so I’m sure I’ll be back as the day wears on…

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