Televangelists Are Insane

Don’t you think? The people that go to these rallies (or whatever they call them)– have they, y’know… er–read books? Can they? Do they not have time to think about things around them, or do they maybe have too much?

I didn’t really show up here to talk about that, but I’m watchin a show on History about the Book of Revelation.

Uh, quite different topic here– wanted you to know that my record is almost ready to come out:

All I need to do now is form a band, learn to play, and cut an album.

Had peanut butter for dinner today. Didn’t want to make more dirty dishes. I should probably wash the ones in the sink. I really, really, really wanna get done with putting all the crap away in the apartment here, but I *just barely* feel like getting up out of my chair. Yeah, it’s hard to get up for this crap.

Oh, damn– the Brewers are on. See ya later. More tomorrow.

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