I Said I Would Do This Every Day


I told you I would try to blog daily, so even though I’m a little drunk, here I am.

I got up late this AM (around 10) and I had waffles for breakfast at noon. I was impressed that Michelle and I got up around the same time (although she was at home at her place, and me at mine).

But I got not a lot done around here during the day; I haven’t had much time in the last… oh… year and change to have a day of doing diddly around my house. So I watched a whole mess of History Channel and moved some things around in the apartment. Christy got here around 4:30, and we’ve been doing some misc being out and drinking drinks since then. Just got home from Oblio’s, and I think we’ll play some Atari.

I have to get up in time to head down to MKE to get camping equip. from Joe tomorrow, so I better remember to take my vitamin.

Lookin more and more like the Crew’s gonna have to trade Carlos, which is a M-F’in shame.

Talk to ya tomorrow.

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