These Speakers Sound Like Crap

I had a different word in the title at first, but I decided to make it more TV-friendly, for whatever reason.

Yeah, so I bought these speakers on Amazon:
shitty RCA speakers

And yeah, the reviews on them were lukewarm, but I figure that I paid less than 60 bucks when all was said and done, and there are much more expensive ways you can go. I wanted to use them as the rears in the home theater setup, cuz it would be difficult to string the speaker wire in my new place.

Yeah, for that application, they are ass. These were clearly designed for sucking as much as possible, and in a “wall-sharing” environment where your neighbor *probably* has some device working on a 900 mhz frequency, suckitude is maximized.

I don’t think I’m gonna send em back or get rid of em, though, cuz they’ll probably work OK for something else, like maybe I could put em down in the garage and use have tunes outside if I want. I dunno.

But it’s back to the rear-channel drawing board, that’s for sure.

In unrelated news, it’s still hot, but not as.

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