I Don't Mean to Go On

I’d like to have as much variety as possible in the daily blogging, but I have to just mention the heat again. It is soooo blasted hot around here. I didn’t walk to work this morning, because I got home from MKE too late to be ready in time, but then I was going to walk back from lunch.

Forget that, my thermometer was telling me it “feels like” 102 out there. This is Wis-damn-sconsin. I hope it cools off in time for the fair in a couple weeks. It has the potential to smell very bad in those barns…

I re-read the post I did at midnight on Sunday (or Saturday night, depending on how you look at it). It was kind of funny. It’s evident to me that I’d been drinking, and that my language skills had been influenced a bit. I didn’t feel too “influenced” when we got home, though. So I dunno.

The Brewers finally won a game, so that’s something. Do you think there’s any chance we can sweep San Francisco? The Giants suck this year, right? You’re right, it doesn’t seem likely.

I don’t know how I managed to drag myself in to work this morning. I was dead tired when I got home at 7. I really can’t wait for vacation next week. I guess I’ll have to keep an off-line record of what we do, in case I lack the Internet access at night, eh? I suppose there will be at least a day or two (in Yellowstone for sure) when we’re out of ‘tech’ contact.

This entry is really, really random and poorly constructed.

Yesterday afternoon Michelle and I went shopping for some clothes we need for the vay-kay. We both lacked adequate shorts. Michelle took care of that yesterday, but I still need one more pair. I tried some on that were really lightweight and seemed like they would be comfortable, but what’s with men’s shorts going halfway down your calf and ballooning out like you’re about to jump out of a plane? Maybe I’m just too fat or something, but I don’t seem to have this issue with regular pants. I guess I’m gonna need to pack some jeans for this trip, too.

Shit, I’m gonna have to pack for this trip pretty soon.

After we got done shopping, we met Joe @ Nice Ash (formerly Ambassador) to play Golden Tee. It was Michelle’s first time; she did really well. She’s also gotten very very good at driving my car. I think if she only had a manual to drive for about a week or two, she’d be a pro.

I need to balance my checkbook again, too. And I have to do laundry today. I really need to go make a list.

Talk to you later if you haven’t melted from the heat.

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