Don't Get Your Chorizo In An Uproar

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post; honestly, I just wanted to work the word “chorizo” in there somehow.

So it’s State Fair weekend, and this means a couple things—
1.Time to get an early start on that “winter insulation layer,” ala cream puff
2.Summer is winding down
3.School is ramping up

I’ve had a really busy week of work after the vacation here. I think next year, I’ll do the summer break a little bit earlier; maybe late June instead of late July, so as to avoid hitting the ground running so hard afterwards.

If you are the parent of a student who attend college for the first time this year, please please PLEASE read the stuff that all those offices all over campus are sending you. 97.5% of all your questions are answered in there. I know it’s a lot of reading, but hey—how bout make the college kid do it?

(related topic) I had a convo with one of my work colleagues a couple days ago to see if we could pinpoint when parents stopped thinking their kids were kids (people who are absent-minded, insecure, and frankly, prone to lying in order to avoid “getting in trouble,”) and started to think they were androids, incapable of lying/misleading, and moreover, forgetting or misunderstanding anything.

Because let me tell you, if I had a kid who told me one thing, and then I called, for example, MY office, and I got contradictory info, I know the kid’s a “lyin’ sack,” to borrow a euphemism from Big Andy S. Not the case any longer with these parents, boy; I (the person they’re talking to) must be just that vindictive, because of course what I have time for at work is cooking up all sorts of crazy mind games to play with you and your kid, telling them one thing and then telling you something else. That’s what I love to do. No really.

And just let me say that that is the most stressful and infuriating aspect of my job. It almost makes me apprehensive about teaching these kids anything, because what if there are parents that call professors, too? There have to be some that are just that nuts, right?

So enjoy your weekend and if you’re in Milwaukee, eat some Fried Whatever. Maybe I’ll see you. I haven’t really decided yet.

Oh, and if you’re in Eagle River drinking and carousing in honor of the 10th year since you graduated from HS, please come back to me with a report on who got the fattest.

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