No Neglect

I very nearly let it go for three days, sans update. But here I are.

I went up north for the weekend. Got into ER at about 8:00 pm or so. It was a very quick trip. I passed Erika and Patrick on the way. There were bound for the NPHS class of ’96 reunion. I tried to get in touch to hook up with them for drinks on Friday evening, but the cellular gods conspired to defeat me. I stayed in and played Oregon Trail instead. It worked for me.

On Saturday, I helped Dad and Uncle Mark with the lean-to that Dad’s been wanted behind the garage for about 2 or 3 years. It didn’t *look* like a lot got done in the course of the day, but I’d say some of the most difficult, time-consuming measurement got done that day.

We also went go-karting. Uncle Mark bought the tickets. We went to Elmer’s in St. Germain. It was fun.

I left pretty early on Sunday, with the expectation that I would need to head down to Milwaukee in the afternoon. It didn’t turn out that way, so instead, I cleaned out my car and just relaxed some at home.

I’ve been living here for over a month now, so I decided I’ve pretty much had it with living in the disorganized mess. I picked up a lot in the living room today, took some more stuff out for storage in the garage, and I hung up the dart board.

I think I might have come up with a way to get the desk to fit in the bedroom upstairs, but I’m not yet sure I’m going to like it. The thing is, with any design I’ve thought of so far, I’ve been trying not to block the loft railing. I’ve come to the conclusion that won’t be possible with the furniture I want to put up there. I think I’m going to put the headboard of the bed against that railing and the dressers roughly in the position that my bed currently occupies.

I understand that only a few of you have actually been over here. I guess you’ll have to use your imagaination for the time being…

PS- Here’s a pic. -JB, 8/8

I also got ultra-frustrated with my phone again today. I had it plugged in for HOURS and it hasn’t finished charging. Then Wordy called, we were talking, and when I jostled the cable, the phone died. So I don’t get it. I’m going to try turning it off to see if it charges. That seemed to work before.

I did log on to my Verizon account, and one new thing that they have is a gauge that tells you when you’ll be eligible for the “new every 2 (years)” discount on a new phone. I was happily surprised to see that I have that coming up on 12/3, where I thought it was a good three months more than that.

So Wordy, who has been using my old phone for a while, is getting a new one soon. I’m going to have him send that old one back, and I think I’ll re-activate it for a couple months. What a crock, though, eh?

Well, it’s now about 11, and I need to get some sleep. Damn– I could just about sleep on the floor in the living room…

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