More General Notes

I wanted to draw a distinction between that little diatribe and the other stuff I could talk about here.

I did laundry today at a new place, on the southwest side of town. It was on South Park, just past 20th. The building used to be an auto parts store.

It was a reasonably priced laundromat, and not very busy. I’m getting more accustomed to having wifi available when I do the wash, because I try to get some web-type things done while clothes are in the dryer. Today I did the month’s bills and balanced my checkbook while I was there. It’s a good system, I think.

The other laundromat with wifi only gives you 8 minutes per quarter for the dryer. At this one, it was 12. That’s a big diff, man– the same 36 minutes for a full quarter less. When Michelle and I were in Bozeman, we did a load of wash and it was 25 cents for FIVE MINUTES. Talk about taking it in the butt…

I hope that the management of this laundromat appreciates the irony of having a soda machine that DOES NOT take quarters– dollar bills only.

I also swung in to Target and bought MASH and some chalk. I might throw darts yet tonight.

Oh, one other thing– I’ve downloaded this Skype software, so if you’re on that, you could probably call me by such means whilst I’m at home. I haven’t actually set it up yet, so I don’t know what sort of info you’ll need…. I’ll probably update this post later.

But if you’ve tried the ‘SkypeIn’ service, I’m curious to hear your feedback. I’m thinking it might be worthwhile, depending on the limitations of the incoming service…

PS- If you’re on the Skype, my username is jason.a.bock, and if you’re not, you can still call me on the ‘puter by dialing 415-287-4077

OK, well, off to try that, put away clothes, and try to keep the place generally tidy.

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