A Bit of a Summary

Hey. Been busy the last couple evenings, so my time for blogging has been limited.

On Wednesday, I headed down to MKE immediately after work to head to the State Fair. I met Jen at home around 6, and Joe dropped us off so we wouldn’t have to park and stuff.

We were waiting for Michelle to finish work before starting on the rides @ the midway, so we ate, and milled around the various animal barns. I like seeing the animals at the fair. My top three are the horses, cows, and pigs. Goats are OK, too.

We also went into the “birthing barn,” and visited the (relatively) new offspring.

I ate like a horse while we were there and at the end of the night, still felt like I had room for more. Here is a list of what I ate/drank within the 4.5 hours or so that I spent at the fair:
Cob of corn
14 oz. Leinie’s honey weiss
Corn dog
16 oz. MGD
1 cream puff
1 “thing” of cheese curds
16 oz. Water St. Brewery Bavarian weiss
Ice cream bar
Half of Michelle’s elephant ear
Frito Pie

I had not had a Frito Pie previously, and it was flipping fantastic. The rides were fun, although the carney running the Gravitron was the biggest dick in the history of carneys. He had a whole mess of absolute rules for riding the Gravitron, and he actually threw someone off for violating one of them. It was completely absurd.

At the end of the night, it started raining like hell and the three of us got completely soaked on the way to Michelle’s car. My clothes didn’t dry overnight, so it was a good thing that I still had some laundry from our road trip at Michelle’s house (wearing wet jeans = not fun).

Then on Thursday night after work, I took a trip over the Poquette’s house to visit the fam and see the new baby, Harper. She is very baby-tastic—cute, small, relatively immobile, and, from what I observed, possessive of a very calm disposition.

I also got a chance to construct a train track for Kilian while I was there, and we also played outside a bit and read a book. Amanda made dinner and it was tasty. I ended up being there later than I originally anticipated, but that was fine with me; we had a good visit…

Tomorrow I’m going to have a visit up in Oshkosh from Kyle and Robin and Punkin, so I’ll have to do a quick sweep around the apartment tonight, and make sure that I’m ready to receive guests. I don’t quite remember the last time they were up in Vegas, but I know it was at least a year ago (shrugs).

Other than that, I should probably just stay on the workie train…

Oh—one last thing: if you try to call me over the next couple days and you’re greeted by a British woman, think nothing of it and please leave a message. My phone is really screwed up for the time being, and until I can either get it fixed or get a different one activated, I’m trying my best to “make due.”

If we don’t talk, here’s hopin you have a good weekend…

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