Friday Already

At least it’s a holiday weekend. Oh, nevermind. I have to work.

Today I returned about 40 phone calls during the course of the day at work, and in addition to that, I routed about 60 out the main office number’s voicemail box.

I don’t wanna rant too long or hard about work, but the facts is we’re doing more with less all the time at that office. And to be honest, I don’t think there’s a boss above me with the gonads to go to the next person up the chain and say “this is unacceptable.” Moreover, nobody there will ever get fired, regardless of how disillusioned, lazy, or irritable they become. If the fin aid office were a sports franchise, the would fire the coach and the GM, and the new people would quickly go to work on re-making the whole team. It’s just not that good.

Meanwhile, the weather in Oshkosh becomes more and more seasonal. I hear it’s supposed to get down into the (GASP!) 70’s for highs over the weekend, too. Fine by me. Summer’s pretty much had it.

I really need to hang some crap on my walls.

Oh, and I have one other item of note: it seems likely that I will be in Oshkosh for the bulk of my holiday weekend, so if you’re inclined to see me or where I live, or something, give a ring.

If I don’t catch you here tomorrow (and the odds are against it at this point), be safe over your Labor Day.

And you freshies moving in to Oshkosh: try not to get hit by a bus 😛

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