I got home just a little while ago from doing a couple loads of laundry (I know, I know– on a Friday), and I realized that I have really completely settled in to this apartment.

Not just in a everything-is-unpacked-and-put-away-and-it-looks-like-someone-lives-here sort of way, but in the way that you get when you’re very comfortable in your home and you feel like it’s your place. I find myself now finally being able to dart around putting things away or getting things together with a sort of mindless speed that only comes with familiarity. Being here completely feels like home now, and while that may not be that important to you, it’s probably my most significant observation of the evening.

Tomorrow I have a lot of cleaning to do around the place, because Kyle and Robin are due to be here on Sunday. That reminds me that I should call them.

I washed my car while the laundry was in, and I still haven’t been able to completely get those plastered-on insects off the front bumper since I got back from the trip out west. I can’t believe that shit. Tomorrow, I’m going to take a little rubbing compound to it and see if that doesn’t do the trick.

The Packers played in the middle of the afternoon today and I… didn’t really care. Who is even on that team? Does Brett Favre still play for this rabble? Time will tell if I lend any more attention to this football season than I did the last, but I guess it doesn’t look that good for ’em…

OK, well, I’m gonna have a samm’ich and then maybe take a ride over to the BryGuy’s place. He’s playin poker & stuff w/ a couple of his boys, and while poker really doesn’t interest me, I realized that I haven’t seen Bryan in a non-movie environment for quite some time.

Have a nice weekend…

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