OK, so maybe it’s not fair to do multiple posts in a single day, but sometimes it’s nice to have that facade of a barrier between thoughts.

Offering up a “week in review,” so to speak:
Kyle and Robin came over last Sunday after I got home from work (which wasn’t that bad, by the way). Christy was there, too, and we hung out for a bit, threw darts, went out to eat at Fratello’s, then played cards for a little while. It was a nice visit.

After that, I went down to MKE to meet Michelle for a party at Raj’s apartment. We met Raj through some other friends, and it was interesting to find out that that was pretty much how everyone at the party had met him. He’s a very easygoing, fun guy, so it’s not hard to see why people like him. Michelle’s cousin Laura came with us too, and we were all out until bar time.

We ended up sleeping in on Monday (Labor Day), but eventually we made it up to Sheboygan to visit Michelle’s grandma (her dad’s mom). That was fun, too. Michelle’s grandma is 91, but you’d never guess it, considering how well she gets around, and how “on the ball” she seems in general. Eventually, we made it back to Oshkosh for sleep that day.

The week at work was crap, but that was expected. On Tuesday, I had students in my office literally one after the other from 9:30am to 2:15pm. At that point, there was a lull, and I snuck out for lunch. The traffic cooled down a bit after that, but you can’t help but feel you’re just treading water during this first week and hoping nothing gets too screwed up. For the most part, things work out in the end.

I guess it’s important to keep in mind that the kids who are there in that first week are either new, nervous and don’t have anything to worry about, or they’re slow, lazy, and have shot themselves in the foot already (so you don’t really need to feel sorry for them). But that was the work week in a nutshell. We’ll see if there’s any more time to get other things done this coming week. I have a big project that has to be done two weeks from today, so here’s hoping for the best…

This weekend, we’re in E.R. for Joe and April’s “wedding reception, part 2.” It’s the Northwoods version of the party that was not exactly had on the day they got married. The event’s happening in St. Germain at the community center. Before we get ready to go over there, I think Christy and Michelle and I are going to head to town for… I dunno, some errands or something.

But, thinking of weekend plans going in to the fall: my October is a little up in the air right now. I was most honored to accept the request of Kevin and Amanda to be their new daughter Harper’s godfather. She’ll be baptized some time next month, so I will obviously be doing that on one of my Sundays…

Speaking of Sunday, the Packers get started with their season this weekend. We should probably call it an 80’s Rewind Weekend, because they are going to get trounced by the Bears up at Lambeau. My prediction on the final score: Chicago- 20, Green Bay- 6.

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