And We're Off Again

Went to a meeting this afternoon for the Wisconsin Review. I was adequately satisfied with the way the magazine turned out during the brief time that I was one of its two heads. I think that the newly reigning editors will do better work just because, unlike Marie and I, they do not have full-time jobs competing with their time. Granted, they have more classwork, but…

Today was considerably slower at work than last week. I had time to breathe between students, and even got some shit cleaned up on my desk. I did, however, get more voicemails from unhappy people. Money is a pisser. That’s all I can say about that.

Let me see, how ’bout a summary of the past weekend? It was fine, all around. Had a good time at Joey & April’s “reception-sort-of-party-deal.” There was good food, good people, and karaoke. How can you go wrong?

I did have an experience, though, that makes me think the odds of attending my high school reunion next year are dropping– I saw Luke Schulta for the first time since… probably graduation, but it was a little awkward to say the least. Maybe I just need to figure out how to talk to people that I used to know but just never see any more. I asked how things in his life were, and they seem fairly normal. I guess everyone does it without thinking about it, but you ask these questions more out of curiosity than sincere interest, y’know? Speaking of the reunion, I think I could just get a written update on all those people, and that would more than suffice for me. I’m just not that interested in seeing or talking with them. I don’t expect them to be that interested in me, either.

For some reason, I have a real problem typing “interested” instead of “interesting.” I don’t know why that is, but I had to backspace over the -ing every time in that last paragraph.

Meanwhile, I think I want a little TV in my bedroom. Is that sick, or what?

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