Breathing Room

Work finally slowed down this week, and I am catching up on things (at work, I mean) that I had to put on the back burner for a while.

I am simultaenously trying to steel myself for another onslaught that is sure to come.

Haven’t been much with the blog this week, mostly due to visits and TV. I watched the third season of Arrested Development early in the week, and it is really unfortunate that that show was forced off the air. It was brilliantly hilarious, and they succeeded in sewing up all its loose ends down the stretch. If you haven’t seen this show, I definitely encourage you to take a look on DVD…

Michelle came up on Monday night and we watched Garden State. I think it is one of her new favorite movies. We also ordered out for Chinese, and Michelle had such a good time on the phone making the order, they almost hung up on her. You’ll have to ask her about that story.

Wednesday I was down in MKE, hooking up a desktop computer at Michelle’s, since her aging iBook is just not a practical computing solution any longer. I lent her a P-III 733 running Ubuntu. I think she’s going to adapt to this new OS very quickly. Michelle’s computing needs are fairly straightforward, and there doesn’t seem to be anything she does that Linux can’t handle. So it’s all good.

Last night, I hooked up with Devin at Peabody’s to watch the Brewers game. Not sure if it was a great game for the Crew, or a hopelessly shitty game for the Cards, but either way, it was a win. My favorite moment in the game was in (I believe) the 4th inning. Tony Gwynn Jr. hit a grounder to first with 2 outs and nobody on. The St. Louis infield sort of lolly-gagged on the play, fully expecting the inning to be over, but little Tony shot up the line like a rocket and BEAT THE THROW. It was pretty awesome.

Don’t have much happening as far as “plans for the weekend,” so let me know what’s up.

Twin Cities be aware: I will be visiting in 2 weeks…

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