Crosby, Stills & Athlon

Just got a new dual-layer DVD burner for my desktop computer. Which, if you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know is now running Ubuntu.

I plugged it in and realized, “damn, this is the 7th or 8th different optical drive I’ve had in this mofo…” OK, so, disclaimer time– you’ll probably only appreciate this post if you’re a nerd.

I got my desktop machine as a gift from my mom and dad for graduating from college. I graduated in December ’01, but they were nice enough to buy me the machine before my last semester started, so just at the end of August, this computer crossed the 5-year mark for age.

I could note that in that time, I have also had a grand total of 7 laptops (although 2 of them I didn’t buy, and three of them were someone else’s used shite by the time I got to them via ebay).

The machine was pretty near the top of the line when I got it (in the upper 95% for standard home/office use anyway), and when you think about how quickly people throw out computers these days, it’s pretty amazing. Obviously, there have been upgrades time to time, but man– that processor just keeps on chugging, and doing a damn fine job of it. There have been times I’ve tried to retire this thing and it just won’t lay down.

Granted, there was the fire in 2002 out in Bozeman, and when all was said and done, that resulted in a ‘TMP’-level refit (new motherboard, hard drive, heatsink and power supply), but I don’t think anyone can say you haven’t gotten your money’s worth out of a computer that is still extremely useful after more than 5 years.

So Red-Five: long may you run.

OK, yeah… this is a really weird post, but whatever. I’m gonna go install Vista RC1 now.

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