Humanities Snob?

So we have a kid working in our office who is really smart. Like, honestly—probably has the highest IQ out of everyone working here (students or permanent staff). I can tell he’s more “on the ball,” and picks up things a lot quicker than some of his student co-workers.

I find out today that he’s in College of Business for finance or accounting (hasn’t decided yet). And in my head I’m going, “Nooooooooo-ooo!!” My question is, does it make me a ‘humanities snob’ to look at this guy and say, “Man, what a waste of potential to be sunk into bean-counting. He oughta be working toward something that deals with ideas and innovation, not facts and figures…” (?)

Other than that, I’m sorry to have been neglecting the blog a little over the last couple weeks. Truth be told, I have busied myself around the house with either computer tinkering or (sighs) Madden. Inevitably, I get caught up in it for a week or two each year, and I think it’s passed now. Last Monday, I sat there playing and said to myself, “What the hell am I doing this for?”

The nice thing is that my stretch of Madden-play is usually followed by a guilt-provoked streak of mad-crazy productivity, so let’s be on the lookout for that!

In other news, I briefly entertained the notion of moving just one door down, to a 2-bedroom apartment, earlier this week. I found out my neighbors were moving out, and thought I would check into it. Turns out the place is already re-rented and it wouldn’t be a cost-effective move for me anyway. I was thinking of “saving” the money I spend on laundry every month (since the 2-bdrm has a washer/dryer), but the extra rent is a lot more than I spend on laundry. If I had a roommate, different story. But if you know me, you know how I feel about roommates at this stage of my life.

Michelle and I will be driving out to the Twin Cities this weekend, and we’re staying with Andrea & D-Slo?. If you’ll be around, gimme a call, maybe we can meet up for… something. We are also going to St. Cloud for Storyhill on Saturday night, so that night’s gonna be out, but…

Anyway, back to it.

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