It's Actually Called 'Best Stay Out Punk'

Michelle and I are in the Twin Cities this weekend, and we’re staying with Dave and Andrea. They live in a large apartment complex, so you can imagine there are dozens of people with wireless Internet broadcasting all over this building. The one that I’m hooking through right now actually has an SSID of “TLA Best Stay Out Punk,” and it’s configured for wide open access… hey whatever.

Nice to visit these kids– haven’t been able to since they moved to MN. Dave is right, the layout of their current apartment is really similar to the place they had in Madison, so if you ever visited there, you have an idea…

Later on, Michelle and I are going to St. Cloud for Storyhill, but our hosts are unable to join us. I’m hoping we get back in time to do something social this evening, but if not, certainly that’s on the docket for tomorrow.

We did get to go out for coffee this morning. 😛 It was about 6:30 and the fire alarm went off in the building. There were some very pissed off 20-somethings tumbling down the stairs in their jammies at that time on a Saturday, let me tell you. But Dre bought us coffee at Caribou, and then she had to go into work. I couldn’t go back to sleep, so Dave and I talked about the latest goings on with our friends, agreed that X-Men? 3 sucked ass but Superman Returns was at least OK, and then we looked at some photos from Lorch’s wedding.

Michelle is still asleep on the couch, and right now Dave is getting his hair cut. We’re gonna bum around town a bit today, and I wanted to give Schneider a call. Not sure if he made it to Madison for homecoming or not. I sorta doubt it…

OK, more on these and other topics later.

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