And Before All That, There Was a Weekend

Just realized that I never blogged anything on Monday about the weekend…

Michelle came up early(er) on Friday, because she had half a snow day @ work. At this point, I could rant about people getting over anxious about the first major snowfall of the season (roads were clear, and so was the sky by Friday afternoon, but whatever).

I had to go to the doctor on Friday at 3, so I left work a little early, too. We talked about the results of my blood work from earlier in the week. Blood glucose? Goooood. Kidneys? Goooood. Liver? Gooood. Pretty much everything he said was “really great” with the exception of cholesterol, where my total was a bit high (246). My good cholesterol was through the roof, though, I guess – 71 (?). The bad was something like “borderline high” or whatever.

So the doc wants me to watch what I’m eating, exercise more, and come back for blood work again in 4 months. At my request, he also wrote me a prescription for zyrtec.

So after I got back from the doctor, we contemplated going out or something, but we wound up just staying in and actually did some cleaning around the house and stuff. I wasn’t anticipating that Michelle would be in Oshkosh as early as she was, so I had some messes around the place. She also got a call from her friend, Mihn, who is teaching in Japan right now.

On Saturday, I made waffles for breakfast, and we got set to decorate the house. Michelle also had a hair appointment in the afternoon, so while she did that, I went to the laundromat. I ended up saying to myself once again, “dammit, I hate going to the laundromat, but the clothes sure get clean fast…” I did 8 loads of wash (I had let it go for a while) and still got out in 90 minutes.

Our tree dec’ing didn’t go off without a *single* hitch– we were short on lights (one usually ends up being down a string or two a year), so I said we should just head over to Family Dollar on our way to Pick n Save, grab an extra set or 3. I was dismayed to find that the selection of decorations at the ol’ Family buck store this year was shoddy at best. They had oodles and oodles of strings of 20 lights. Who the hell is going to use only 20 lights, anywhere?

We ended up trekking out to Wally World instead, which I dislike just in general. But we did get the grocery shopping done at the same time, so I guess that was a good thing.

Back home, we started on the lights again, and got the three new strings strung, plugged ’em in and one of them didn’t work. Well, it only worked halfway. So we changed the fuse, and that didn’t help, and we changed the other one, still nothing, and I was sort of pissed, since we just bought these, and decided we would need to take them all back in the morning.

In the meantime, the lights still weren’t finished, so we went to Fleet Farm instead.

The Fleety lights worked a lot better, and I think Michelle has been shown the glory of the double-F’s– she said (I swear to God she said this) that she wants to come back and look at clothes at Fleet Farm.* I love her a lot.

We watched White Christmas while hanging the ornaments, as is the tradition. It was a pretty nice little Saturday.

Sunday included less chasing-around drama, but it was also a nice day… Michelle got all sorts of baking done, and I think one thing in particular that was awesome was how we got stuff done during the day, ate dinner at a regular-ish sort of time, and still had the energy and initiative to watch a movie afterwards.**

Look in the ‘Day-to-Day Digital’ in the next 6-12 hours for pictures of our tree (although we won’t be standing next to it; I couldn’t find my camera sitting in plain sight on Sunday). I’m looking forward to the rest of the holiday season, and I’m really glad Michelle and I have each other to do the fun stuff (or even not-as-fun stuff) with…

* – In case you’re not logged in, please note Michelle’s comment: I said I wanted to look at COATS at F&F not Clothes….I did not say clothes! I don’t want people thinking that I am interested in wearing blaze orange for heaven’s sakes!!! -jb

** – We watched Meet Me in St. Louis, which, while entertaining, didn’t seem to have much of a point. So, they don’t wanna move to New York? And then… they don’t? OK, whatever. Judy Garland had funny-looking bangs. But she must’ve been hot back in the day. Can you imagine Judy Garland, circa 1941, comes to the present dressed like Lindsay Lohan? Oh, she’d get work, make no mistake…

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